Chairman’s Thoughts

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and welcomed in the New Year with hope in your hearts. December has been very wet, windy and mild and January  started not much different. But let us think how fortunate we are in comparison to those who have flood waters in their homes. 

Rathgar Village Improvement Plan 
It is worth recapping on progress of the village improvement plan: Almost two years ago Dublin City Council, the Association and local people came together to identify ways to improve Rathgar. A list of items to improve the village were drawn up. The list was then set out for delivery under short, medium and longer term. 

The short term plan was to deliver: 

  • A pedestrian crossing from the 108 to The Deli. 
  • New street lights for the village 
  • Standardisation of the road bollards 

The Association has been informed that work will take place in first quarter of 2016 on the pedestrian crossing ---but we will wait and see---. 

Impending General Election
Sometime soon canvassers will appear on your doorstep. This is an opportunity to question them on their policies on Local Government: what can be done to 
empower people to seek and secure better services for their local area. The Rathgar Village Improvement Plan is a case in point where securing what was 
agreed has been tediously slow in delivery. Another case in point is the continuing problem with road flooding where gullies are inadequately serviced. 

Finally, I intend to step down as chairman of the Association at the next AGM. I feel I have done my bit for the RRA and also for family reasons. I would like to thank the Committee of the Association for their total support throughout my time as chairman and also thanks to my family for their patience. 

Wishing all members a successful 2016!

John McCarthy
Charmain, RRA.