2014 Garden Competition

The prizes for the RRA Garden Competition will be awarded at the Horticultural Show in Christ Church Rathgar on Saturday 12 July.

In addition to the award of the Dixon Cup for the best overall front garden, the RRA have extended the number of categories for which prizes will be awarded:

  • Best kept hedge
  • Best accommodation for bin in garden setting
  • Garden with balance between hard surface and green surface
  • Garden in bloom
  • Low maintenance garden but aesthetically pleasing as a garden
  • Specimen Tree in a front Garden
  • Best small front garden
  • Best large front garden
  • Best flower pot/window box/container display.

We encourage everybody to put in a little effort into preparing for the competition so when you see someone looking at your garden in late June or early July with a smile on his or her face, it may be one of the judges of the competition considering your garden for a prize or simply a Rathgar resident enjoying your garden as they pass by.