Oaklands Drive parking hoax

Oaklands Drive parking hoax

On 22 May 2017 residents reported that notices were placed on cars along Oaklands Drive. The notices stated that clamping was to be introduced in the vicinity. The notices bore the logos of Dublin City Council and Rathgar Residents Association. 

Neither the DCC nor the RRA have any knowledge of, or connection with, these notices. They appear to be a hoax or prank of some sort.

The official response we received from DCC stated:

"The existence of these notices was brought to our attention in parking enforcement last week and I can confirm that they have not been issued by Dublin City Council and as such the contents have no standing. We do not have any information regarding who is responsible for the composition or distribution of the notices. There is no pay and display scheme on Oaklands Drive and any threats re clamping etc have no substance"
- Dublin City Council - Parking Policy and Enforcement

If anyone has any information regarding these fake notices please let us know: info@rathgarresidentsassociation.ie