Oustanding Subscriptions for 2014

A friendly reminder from our Chairman to members whose 2014 annual subscription is still outstanding:

"I would encourage you to continue your membership of the Association for another year. The subscription is a modest one:  €15 for a household, €7.50 for senior citizens. It is important that the Association remains strong and is truly representative of the area.

As you are aware the Association works on behalf of the residents of Rathgar in representing and supporting their views on such issues as:

  • Law and order, graffiti, antisocial behaviour.
  • Traffic, parking and pedestrian safety.
  • Public services in the area.
  • Planning and development in the area.
  • Working to maintain and enhance the Rathgar area.
  • Working with other residents groups throughout the city, to secure a better city for all.

To those who have already paid their subscriptions, thank you."

- John McCarthy